1 – The North Room

North Room Layout

North Room Layout


Custom George Augspurger 4×15 2×18 2x8inch Super Tweeters

Genelec 1031

Yamaha NS-10


Augspurger Amps: Crown Ref 1 x 2 Bryston 4B

Yamaha NS10m Amps: Bryston 4B


ProTools Pro Tools 10 HD Mac OS 10.5

Merging Technologies Pyramix

Apogee Big Ben Word Clock


Grace 201

Avalon M-2 Dual Mic Pre with PSU

UREI LA 3A Compressor (Original Vintage)

Focusrite Red 7

Focusrite 215 Blue EQ’s and Mic Pre’s

Focusrite 130’s

Tube Tech CL 2A

Urei 1176 LN

API 560A (Pair) & API 550B (Pair)

Neve 33609

DBX 902’s x 2 in FS900 Rack

Empirical Labs Distressor

Empirical Labs Fatso

Eventide DSP7000

Lexicon 960L

Analog Tape Machine:

Studer 820 2 track w/ Dolby A, SR decode


Lavry Blue

Additional room information:

Recording Room: 10′ x 11′ with seperate lounge

Studer 961 10 channel console (Analog Summing Buss or other)

Various Microphones available

Various Keyboards available

Drum Kit Available

Complimentary Red Bull

Flat Screen HD TV



Fresh ground coffee



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