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Thank you!

We wanted to thank all our fantastic clients who have made these last two months so great! The studio has been very busy (knock on wood) with some fantastic projects. We’ve had string overdubs, voice overs for independent films, choirs, guitar bass and keyboard overdubs, and many many vocal sessions…..and the list goes on. So from the bottom of our hearts thanks for making us your home and we look forward to helping you all with all your recording needs well into the future!!

The Staff @area51nyc

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Weekly line up

Another busy week at Area 51 NYC. This week we are working with some very talented musicians and artists with the line up including voice over work for radio broadcast, voice overs for a TV reality show, writing sessions, vocal overdubs, upright bass, guitars, and trumpet! Being able to support a diverse array of recording requirements keeps us not only busy…but keeps it fun!

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Why record at Area 51 Studios??

Area 51 Studios has a long list of famous performers, artists, and entertainers coming through it’s doors. We have the pleasure of working with all genres of music. We provide recording, mixing in stereo and surround, and mastering services. Our studios are the perfect location for voice over work for film, TV, and spoken word. Though we don’t have cavernous live rooms to track live bands we do more than our fair share of it. We pack a huge punch in a comfortable environment, Our staff are knowledgeable, helpful and their musical exposure diverse. We have a large assortment of microphones, protools 10HD, a sizable collection of outboard gear, and a good amount of USB and weighted keyboards. Most importantly our rooms sound great…what you hear is what you get. From our large Augspurger monitor system, Genelec 1031’s or 8050’s, Yamaha NS-10, B&W’s, and Auratone speakers you have quite a choice of Club too critical listening options. And lastly our location in midtown on the fringe of Hells Kitchen is easy to get too, surrounded by hotels, attractions, bars, clubs and fantastic dining options. We offer very competitive hourly, block, and long term rates. We hope you’ll consider Area 51 NYC for your next project.

The Staff at Area 51 NYC



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September update

Hoping this post finds everyone doing well! After what has been a warm, laid back, and sultry summer…we are roaring into post labor day madness!!!  Area 51 Studios is looking forward to a month of mastering projects, vocal sessions, tracking live instruments, mixing, v/o work and more. We have some fantastic projects coming  down the pipe and as always….are extremely grateful to our extended family of clients. We hope you will all consider us for your next music project as well. We will do our best to make your project run smoothly and charge you a fair price!

Best to you all!

Staff at Area 51 NYC

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The studio

Area 51 Studios has had some great projects recently with some very talented artists, producers and engineers. Our voice over work and mastering work have picked up. Clients are realizing we offer a very comfortable environment at a very affordable price. Our staff is skilled and helpful. We understand clients want quality work done in an environment conducive to creativity. Whether tracking, mixing stereo and surround, or mastering….we hope you will consider us for your next project. We truly value our clients and hope you will become one of them!

The staff at Area 51 NYC

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Just a reminder

Whether you are recording lead or background vocals, guitar or upright bass, voice overs for animation or advertising, spoken word, mixing in stereo or surround to or without picture, editing or mastering…Area 51 Studios NYC is a great choice for your next project! Give us a call. We would be happy to discuss your needs and tailor a budget that will work for your next, and all your upcoming projects!

The Staff at Area 51 NYC

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Update time

There is much going on at Area 51 NYC and we are very excited as we gear up for the fall. Recently we have had a vast variety of sessions ranging from writing sessions, vocal overdubs, upright bass, guitar, voice overs for film, audio locked to pic, mixing, and to top it off now……Mastering. Some other points you may not have known about A51: Both our studios are completely private with their own control rooms, vocal booths and lounges in addition to our own private entrance. We are conveniently located on 51st Street near Hells Kitchen and have a huge amount of excellent food options within walking distance. We are very easy to get too, being near all major public transportation. We are very reasonably priced and cater not only to major label artists, but indie projects as well. We have years of experience and love helping each and every client with any of their needs. Everyday we are working on improving and making your session a productive and affordable one…which is why the list of artists, producers and engineers that work with us is growing.


We hope you will come by and give us a try. As always we appreciate those who already call us home!


The Staff at Area 51 NYC

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