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Tony is currently manager of the soon to open new location of Sound on Sound aka MSR Recording Studios in Montclair New Jersey. He is also a Partner in Area 51 NYC Studios and RoTo Music LLC. In the past he was manager at Unique Recording Studios, was Director of Audio Operations at the prestigious Sony Music Studios on West 54th Street up until its closing in 2007, was Director of Audio Ops at Daddys House Recording Studio where he ran the studio operations for Sean Combs, and managed Platinum Sound Recording Studios for Producer/Songwriter Jerry Wonda. Tony has managed numerous Grammy winning and nominated recording and mix engineers, as well as a string of successful producers and songwriters. He has a vast knowledge of facility management, record production, writing, recording, mixing, producer and publishing agreements. Other attributes: Business plans, studio design, contract negotiation, artist management, label operations, facility management, team building

Machine Gun Kelly’s album General Admission is #1 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Album chart!

Congratulations to Kell’s, the @Area51NYC team, Steve “Rockstar” Dickey for mixing the hell out of the record, Bad Boy Entertainment crew, Puff, Harve Pierre, and everyone involved. We have the #1 album on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart this week with Machine Gun Kelly’s album General Admission

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Catching up

It’s been a while since our last update and we hope everyone is spectacular! Area 51 has been quite busy as of late. We have had some fantastic projects in the studio with various writing sessions, vocal od’s, tracking guitars, strings and a choir, voice overs, mixing and more! A good selection of our microphone collection that we purchased from the Sony Classical remote kit was recently used on a large ensemble recording session. Area 51 is the perfect studio for all your recording and production needs. The studio has a very robust selection of plugins, outboard gear, and microphones. As always are very grateful for all our loyal clients and family, and we hope you will become one as well!

The staff @area51nyc

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Tube mics

All set up for a two day vocal session with our Manley and Vintage U-47 Tube microphones. Two Neve 1073 mic pre’s and a CL2B are also in the chain.

Manley and U-47 Tube mics

Manley and U-47 Tube mics

Neve 1073's

Neve 1073’s

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Thank you!

We wanted to thank all our fantastic clients who have made these last two months so great! The studio has been very busy (knock on wood) with some fantastic projects. We’ve had string overdubs, voice overs for independent films, choirs, guitar bass and keyboard overdubs, and many many vocal sessions…..and the list goes on. So from the bottom of our hearts thanks for making us your home and we look forward to helping you all with all your recording needs well into the future!!

The Staff @area51nyc

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Did you know?

Did you know that Area 51 Studios is much more than just your average recording studio? We offer numerous other services such as:

– Voice over production and project coordination

– Music production

– Songwriting and scoring for film and TV

– Video and Photo services and production (let us record your next session in HD or do your next photo shoot/interview)

– Remote recording services

– Recording and mix engineers

Of course all this is in addition to our already great recording and mixing services.

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String session at Area 51 Studios

Co-owner and engineer Roey Shamir was at the helm this week recording 2 violins, viola, and cello this week at Area 51 Studios. Assisting the session was our engineer Mike Rachlin. Area 51’s North Room is a great room for small string sections, horns, vocals, voice over work and much more. Having a great microphone and mic-pre selection helps as well! We hope you’ll keep us in mind for your next session.


Tracking strings

Tracking strings

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Video and photo studio

Area 51 NYC Studios now has the capability to support your video. photo, green screen and event needs. The studio has a variety of green screen and other back drops, as well as a full LED lighting grid. We can package camera and crew based on the scale of your needs. In addition we can provide audio services and music production to enhance your project, as well voice over and mix to picture. Please consider us for your next project!

Green Screen Video Shoot with Audio

Green Screen Video Shoot with Audio

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