18 Nov

We finally have our elevator back….hooray. We had a water main break that took the elevator out quite some time ago, but we are finally back online! With that said we appreciate all of you who have dealt with the walk up the flight of stairs. Now with that hurdle out of the way….we have made a few changes to the facility. After months of deep contemplation we have decided to part with our Euphonix console. It will certainly be missed, but we just did not find ourselves utilizing it as much as needed to justify it. Sooooo we put our funds into a set of dual 15″ Augpurger speakers and are almost done installing them in the North Room. We also added two 18″ subs to both our North and South rooms. We have added a few jars pieces of outboard as well. After our trip to AES in San Fran we are working on adding a few more choice pieces we encountered on our adventures through the convention aisles….and bars:)


For those of you who are already frequent flyers at Area 51 we thank you. For those of you who have not had the pleasure…or have not been there in a while, we hope you will come by and see as well as listen to the rooms. Both control rooms are comfortable, have lounges, and spacious vocal booths. Best of all it it extremely private and very reasonably priced. We look forward to showing you ourselves. Hope to see you ALL soon. Happy Turkey Day till then!!!


A51 Clan

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